10 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria To Make Online Payment (2024)

Top 10 Best Virtual Dollar Cards In Nigeria To Make Online Payment

Simplifying Online Purchases in Nigeria: Top 10 Virtual Dollar Cards. 


Making online purchases with Nigerian credit cards that get rejected can be frustrating. But fear not, there’s a solution—virtual dollar cards.

Virtual dollar cards allow seamless transactions on overseas websites where your Naira card might not work. These prepaid cards in dollars enable hassle-free online shopping experiences.

Numerous digital platforms offer these virtual dollar cards, making online activities convenient and enjoyable.

Discovering the Best Virtual Dollar Cards in Nigeria

To help you select the ideal virtual dollar card, here’s a detailed rundown of the top 10 options available in Nigeria:

  1. ALAT Virtual Dollar Card: Operated by Wema Bank, ALAT’s virtual dollar card allows up to $20,000 direct funding from your Naira balance and is perfect for global business transactions.
  2. Barter by Flutterwave: Developed by Nigerian payment firm Flutterwave, Barter facilitates quick money transfers and offers a virtual dollar card for online payments on most websites.
  3. Wallet Africa Virtual Dollar Card: Wallet Africa, a Fintech platform, provides virtual dollar cards suitable for secure online purchases, ideal for travel safety.
  4. Bitsika Virtual Visa Dollar Card: This FinTech app enables online financial transactions without physical bank visits and offers a seamless online shopping experience.
  5. Kuda Bank Virtual Dollar Card: Known for its excellent mobile banking services, Kuda Bank also offers virtual card solutions for easy online payments.
  6. Fundall Virtual Dollar Card: This Nigerian digital bank offers a range of financial services, including virtual cards for secure online transactions and savings promotion.
  7. Payday Virtual Dollar Card: A digital FinTech app providing a comprehensive financial solution, including a virtual dollar card for convenient online payments.
  8. Mintyn Virtual Dollar Card: Offers various banking services and provides a free virtual dollar card for specific account holders.
  9. CashBuddy Virtual Dollar Card: Facilitates online transactions across African countries, allowing payments and receipts for products and services.
  10. Chipper Cash Visa Virtual Card: Allows quick national and international transactions but has daily limits on withdrawals and deposits.

Choosing the Right Virtual Dollar Card

These virtual dollar cards eliminate the hassle of incomplete transactions and offer seamless online shopping experiences. Selecting the right one from the list enhances your digital transactions significantly.

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  1. Which Nigerian bank provides virtual cards? Most Nigerian banks offer virtual cards in Naira. For instance, FirstBank and GTBank provide virtual cards linked to digital wallets or operating accounts.
  2. What’s the best virtual card in Nigeria? ALAT’s virtual dollar card stands out among the best in Nigeria, offering a range of banking services and hassle-free online transactions.
  3. Can I buy cryptocurrency in Nigeria using a dollar card? Yes, platforms like Coinbase enable Nigerians to purchase Bitcoin using debit or credit cards, along with providing secure wallets for storing cryptocurrencies.

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