15 Hobbies which can make you money

15 Hobbies which can make you money

15 Hobbies which can make you money.

Hobbies are things that we do to relax, it gives pleasure and helps in making you feel comfortable.

As people differ, so is their wants and hobbies, we all enjoy doing different things for fun.

It helps us channel our creative side while having fun at the same time.

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However with bills always pilling up, and with the need to meet up to expectations. Some of us can’t help but forfeit our hobbies in search of greener pastures.

But what if there is a way to make money from our hobbies? Won’t that be nice?

This is what this article is about today, we will be looking at 15 hobbies which can make us money.

15 Hobbies which can make you money.

Fortunately, this information age has made it possible for you to make money out of almost anything.

I think now is the right time to monetize your hobby or hobbies as the case may be, but if you don’t have any, now it’s time to pick up one.

1.Get paid to read books:

If you are an avid reader like me, then is a great opportunity to make money from what you love doing.

In this category, we will be looking at some ways you can be paid to read.

  • Freelance readers:

Freelance readers screen synapses and manuscripts for publishers and agents. They make their analysis and tell them if the work is worth their time and resources or it’s not marketable.

  • Writing book summaries

Most people do not have the time or leisure to read a large volume of books, this is where book summaries in.

Readers that can read and summarize these books are in high demand. As a book summary company sell a short version of books to those who want them. To find these jobs, you can check out freelance writing job sites.

  • Read and Record book:

Audio ebooks are in vogue in this era. It is rapidly growing in popularity.

Self-published authors and small press are looking for people with clear and precise voices to record fiction and nonfiction.

You can find this job through Amazon CFX and Brilliance audio. You can also check out sites like Upwork for freelance audiobook work.


  • Edit and write reviews:

As an editor, you tend to help authors improve the quality of their books. You can give feedback on plot clarity, cohesiveness, and flow. You can write book reviews through book blogs, you can earn through Adsense or an affiliate program.

2. Graphics design:

If you have a more inclination towards the visual arts, then take up graphics designs.

The demands for efficient and creative graphic designers are on the rise, most especially if you are good at what you do.

Every business irrespective of nature needs a graphic designer. Be it a logo, banner, or print ad for a brand that is already established.

You can get access to a plethora of designs if you register on DesignCrowd.

As a graphic designer freelancer, you can find work on sites like Fiver and Upwork.

3. App developer:

Applications tend to make our lives and business easier. Diverse companies are looking for app developers to develop applications for their businesses.

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For you to develop applications you must have a liking for programming. Building applications require patience, hard work, dedication, and a good understanding of the latest technology.

Being an app developer is very lucrative and if you do not have the skillset, you can learn it on Udemy or Coursera

4. Writing:

You can use writing in furthering your career and becoming an expert in a particular field, apart from making money from it that is.

The simple way of making money from writing is to become a freelance writer. Good content writers are high in demand, just make sure you pick a niche and become an expert in it.

You call to see your services to bloggers, and on platforms like fiver and Upwork.

5. Cooking:

Cooking can be a means to make you money. You can cook in events like weddings, burials, engagement parties, naming ceremonies, just name them.

You can even start a cooking blog, do YouTube videos on cooking, or Instagram account.

6. Gardening:

Due to the advent of Covid19 that made people stay at home, many people turned into gardening.

Gardening can make you healthier as you plant and nurture different plants and flowers, it can also make you happier.

With gardening, you can either sell your plants, flowers or even help people start their form of gardening by selling them products.

7. Photography:

Be it still or lifestyle photography it can fetch you a lot of cash if you know how to do it right.

This is a hobby you can even turn into a business without breaking the bank. You can either sell your pictures as stock photos or become a freelance photographer.

8. Comedy:

Do have a great sense of humor? Do people think you are funny? Can you make people laugh? Comedy is one of the ways people are making money on the net daily.

You can see a lot of Instagram, Facebook, TikTok comedians with huge audiences due to their comedy work.

Once you get a huge following you can sponsor brand posts from partnering with brands.

9. Fitness:

Are you fit? Do you have the desire to eat healthily and also do exercises to stay in shape? Being a fitness coach can fetch you money. You can start by taking fitness classes online, you can also sell your homemade diet products.

10. Arts and Crafts:

You can create homemade crafts like earrings, sweaters, throw rugs, bean bags e.t.c.

With a site like Etsy, you can easily get to sell some of your crafts and make money.

11. Playing games professionally:

If you love playing video games, you can get paid to do it professionally.

You can even start your playing channels on Twitch.

12. Painting:

Painting is a great way to express yourself and release tension.

Apart from the rewards, you can also make some money selling your paintings.

13. Traveling:

If you love traveling, you can make money as a travel blogger blogging about your travel experiences.

14. Baking:

You can make money selling your baked product, you can make a list of your recipes. Perfect them and start selling to shops, it can be pastries, cakes e.t.c.

15. Decorate homes:

Do you have eyes for color? Decorating homes will let out your creative side. It is a fun activity and it can help you make money.

In conclusion, hobbies are just not a venture to enjoy only anymore, you can also turn it into a business that can fetch additional income.

With 15 Hobbies that can make you money, you can start making it now.

Start monetizing your hobbies today!.


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