5 Ways To Make Money With Pinterest


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How to make money on pinterest in different ways


For the uninformed, Pinterest may seem like just another social media network for compiling
mood boards of infinity tattoos and trendy hairstyles. At first glance, this type of content is
what Pinterest is known for, but if you dig deeper, you may uncover a potential Internet
goldmine. If you are interested in learning about the five ways to make money with Pinterest,
read on, and find out.

The main appeal of making money on Pinterest is that it is a social media network for very
specific and occasionally niche topics. This makes it conducive to marketing your product in
an aesthetically appealing and relatable way. Also, when you consider that Pinterest has
around 416 million users monthly and as much as 200 billion (yes, billion) pins in total, the
whole picture indeed gets a whole new perspective.

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1. How do you exactly make money with Pinterest?


Essentially, you cannot sell your product or service on Pinterest in the real sense of the word.
There is no checkout function, but there are ways to monetize your Pinterest account.
Companies that mostly rely on online sales will find Pinterest an excellent platform for
showcasing products in the form of likable, that is, ‘pinnable’ Pinterest posts. It will attract

potential customers, consequently increasing traffic on your website where your Pinterest
followers can purchase your product.

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Luckily, you can boost your presence on Pinterest by investing in the promotion of your pins.
In this case, you can set definitive goals and optimize your marketing to increase traffic or
grow your Pinterest following.

2. Pay attention to search engine optimization

Another important consideration concerns SEO optimization. Just like hashtags on Instagram,
using SEO (i.e., search engine optimized) phrasing in your post can draw potential
followers to your profile. So, your pins, your profile, and your URL should not be merely
clickbait-able – they should also be searchable. The added advantage of having user-friendly
descriptions of your products is that your pins might show up in Google search results
alongside Pinterest’s search bar.

The added advantage of having an SEO optimized phrases in your pin is that you are
simultaneously marketing on Google


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3. You can turn to affiliate marketing

You can make additional money with Pinterest by embedding a link to an associate’s website where your followers can purchase their product. This is perfect if you do not have your e-commerce shop or your own products because Pinterest allows you to be a middleman between your followers and the given brand.

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What affiliate marketing does is allow you to take a percentage of purchases made thanks to your links. Also, when somebody else reposts your pin, the affiliate link stays, which means that you are still in the game!

There are numerous affiliate programs out there, but not all present the right match for your Pinterest aesthetics and audience. As tempting as it may be to just ‘link away’ you need to put yourself in the shoes of your followers.

Think about which products or brands may appeal to your brand. In the end, it is in your interest to build a loyal following, and the easiest way to do so is to give your followers access to what interests them.

The best way to make money with Pinterest is to pay attention to what may interest your
followers, rather than swamping them with unrelated affiliate links.


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The fun thing about affiliate marketing is that you have plenty of companies and products to choose from – from large corporations to newcomers and startup companies. In this way, you can even create your image with the help of affiliate marketing since you can choose which
products your followers can associate with you.

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4. Inspire your followers to shop your look

Given that shopping has become a big part of our daily lives, Pinterest can help you reach your followers with amazingly stylish and imaginative looks. Statistics show that shopping is at the top of the list of incentives for using Pinterest, even though people usually associate Instagram with shopping, fashion influencers, and bloggers.
As we have already mentioned, Pinterest is perfect for targeting audiences that may be tired of the same-old Instagram posts, audiences that like to inspire themselves by creating their own lists, and those who enjoy seeing creative and appealing looks.

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Delight your followers with perfect looks that fit into your unique aesthetic

teenage girls looking at a smartphone

Of course, this does not mean that only promoting fashion can make you money on Pinterest.
If you happen to be into travel blogging, this does not mean you cannot use this platform. It is not even too farfetched to finance your travels with the incoming profit you make via Pinterest so that you can make more posts and further finance another journey. In fact, who knows – it just might be that you can live anywhere in the world and make a living off of Pinterest posts!


5. Swap your Pinterest account for a business account

If you are interested in marketing your products, you do not have to resort to affiliate links.

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You can do it directly if you have a business account. What are the benefits of having a
business account? In this way, you can use Shopping ads and catalogs to enhance your
presence. Having a product catalog will allow you to automatically create product pins, which is a special type of pin that includes information about pricing, product info, and availability.

Although users cannot purchase directly on your Pinterest profile, they can nevertheless click through and reach your online shop so that you can make money with

Pinterest quite easily.




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