How to Register And Use Chase Bank Online Banking/Apps

How to Register And Use Chase Bank Online Banking/Apps.

How to Register And Use Chase Bank Online Banking/Apps. The Chase bank online/ application makes it very easy to bank on the go 24/7. With Chase bank, you can monitor your transactions, credit score, budget and still track your monthly spending.

In addition, the chase application offers security with encryption technology.

How To Get the Chase mobile App

1. Step one: head to your play store if you are using an android phone or apple store if you are using an iPhone to download the chase application. Or by texting mobile to 24273

2. Step two: sign in using your chase business online user name and password.

3. Step three: Register your mobile phone by requesting an identification code. You are at liberty to choose how to get the code, either by text, call, or mail. Input the code and your password and you are set up.

Things you can do with the chase mobile application:

  • You can pay bills and schedules when you want.
  • Money Transfers across country
  • Deposit with Chase quick deposits
  • Send payments with just a U.S. email and mobile number using chase quick pay with Zelle.
  • Manage alerts and do paperless transactions.

Using The Chase Text Banking:

1. Sign in to chase business online and in the profile and setting menu select text banking. Input your phone number to verify, you will get a text message with an 8 digit verification number

2. Enter the code to Activate the text banking service.

Texting commands

Some texting command and thief meaning;

Bal: getting balance for all your transactions.

Bal + Nickname: getting the balance for all your nickname accounts.

Hist + nickname: see the transactions for any of your nickname accounts.

Stop: unsubscribe from chase’s mobile application via text.

Commands: see a list of commands

Using Chase Mobile Banking to deposit checks:

First, sign in using the chase mobile application.

Second, on the menu click deposit.

Third, choose the deposit account.

Fourth, type in the check amount.

Fifth, take pictures of the check, both back, and front.

Sixth, finally submit the deposit.

Note: there are daily and monthly limits to the amount of deposit you can make to each eligible business or customer account.

The Chase business banking and other products.

1. Business checking:

Chase offers a wide range of business checking accounts either for small, medium, or large-scale businesses.

They have chase business complete banking that comes with an inbuilt card acceptance feature. They have multiple ways to send and receive funds, low to no-fee checking, same-day deposit to no additional cost. The monthly service fee is $15 but you can waive it by maintaining a minimum daily balance. Deposit from a chase QuickAccept transactions or purchase on your chance inc.

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Additionally, there is another one called the chase performance business checking. This is a flexible business account that helps give medium size businesses a competitive edge. The monthly service fee is $30 or you can waive it by maintaining a minimum daily balance of $35,000 or in a qualifying business deposit account.

Chase platinum business checking is designed to handle the needs of a larger business with greater monthly transactions and cash management needs. The monthly service charge is $95 but it can be waived if you can maintain $100 as your daily minimum balance or qualify for a business deposit account.

Chase Financing Options

Chase has different funding options to help your businesses.

They have lines of credit that are meant to help your business meet its short-term goal.

And there is a business loan for financing large investments with flexible repayment options.

Another is commercial real estate for refinancing, purchasing, or building e.t.c.


With the chase application, you can bank on the go and also have access to funds that will fulfill all your business dreams.

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