How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria

How to start an affiliate marketing in Nigeria

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria.

The affiliate marketing program has become an oil well in these times.

In addition to earning more money when you are an affiliate, you still get to do it from the comfort of your home.

If you want to know how to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria then you are in the right place.

Becoming an affiliate marketer can be a lifetime opportunity for you to make wealth and also sustain it.

Moreover, it is a business you can embark on without having any capital.

One of the most effective ways to make money online is to become an affiliate marketer.

For you to be successful as an affiliate marketer you will need to learn the rudimentary of marketing other people’s products and earning from them.

Furthermore, with affiliate marketing, you do not need any capital to start up so no excuse for you not to make money anymore.

With this business, you don’t need to have any product personally, or inventory, or even a startup capital. Because all you need is provided by the affiliate company you work for.

Note: all you need to do is just market their product.

What then is affiliate marketing?

It is a process wherein an affiliate(you) earns a commission for marketing someone’s product or a company’s product.

Additionally, all you have to do as an affiliate is to search for products that you enjoy and are marketable, promote the products then earn a commission on each sale.

This is possible when a customer purchases a product using your affiliate link. These sales are tracked using an affiliate link from one website to the other.

How Affiliate Marketing Works:

For a more effective strategy, affiliates leverage the abilities of individual varieties.

At the same time providing the affiliates or contributors with the share of the profits.

The affiliate program comprises of three distinct bodies they are:

  • The product creator/Sellers:

The product creator/seller is the one with the product for sale, they may either be entrepreneurs, a large enterprise, or what have you.

The products they have to sell can range from makeup items to household goods or even services like ebooks or video tutorials.

The product creator/ seller does not need to be actively involved in the marketing stage.

For instance, the product creator/ seller can be an e-commerce merchant that solely engages in dropshipping business. He may want to reach a large audience by engaging the services of affiliate websites to promote their products.

Alternatively, be a company that leverages affiliates to help sell their products and services.

  • The Affiliate/advertiser:

The affiliates can either be a company that promotes products and services or an individual doing the same.

They promote the products in such an attractive way to persuade customers into purchasing the products/services.

If the said customers end up buying the products, the affiliate ends up earning a commission of the revenue generated.

To be successful as an affiliate you will need to have a specific audience you should be targeting. To adhere to that audience’s needs they end up carving a niche or personal brand that attracts the interest of the consumer.

  • The Consumer:

The consumer is the main driver in affiliate marketing, without customers there is no affiliate program.

Affiliates shares products with consumers on social media sites, blogs, and websites.

With the consumers making the purchase, the product creator/ sellers and the affiliates earn money.

How do you get paid as an affiliate marketer?

This all depends on the affiliate program you are involved in.

The consumers do not necessarily need to make a purchase for the affiliates to get paid.

We will be looking at ways in which affiliates can get paid in this section, keep reading on.

Some ways that an affiliate can get paid are:

1. Pay per sale:

The pay per sale is the standard of the affiliate program.

In this aspect, the seller pays a commission to the affiliate based on the sales made.

In order words, a consumer must purchase for the affiliate to get paid.

2. Pay per lead:

This compensates the affiliates based on the conversion of leads. The affiliates have to convince the consumer to go to the seller’s websites and perform the desired action placed by the seller.

It could either be filling a form, signing up for a product trial, subscribing to the newsletter, or downloading software.

3. Pay per click:

The affiliate gets paid when he/she directs a customer to the merchant’s website.

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They get paid when there is an increase in web traffic.

Why be an affiliate marketer?

  • Serve as passive income
  • Work from home
  • No hassle for customer support
  • Flexible and convenient
  • Cost-effective as it needs no capital to start.

Strategies to become a successful affiliate marketer:

1. Recommend only products you are familiar with:

What is paramount in any relationship is trust. It is very important to establish trust with your customers and the quickest way to lose trust is to recommend products that ain’t desirable to your audience.

Never tell anyone directly to purchase a product, all you are meant to do is to recommend products. The more helpful and trustworthy your product is, the more your customers will keep coming back for you.

2. Promote products from different merchant:

Ever heard the adage do not put your eggs in one basket? It’s true with affiliate marketing.

Work with a different merchant in your niche and promote different but quality products.

3. Know where your traffic is coming from and their location. This will aid you in customizing your messaging for you to provide the best affiliate recommendation.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing In Nigeria.

To start affiliate marketing, first and foremost you must do:

1. Niche:

For you to succeed it is very important to have a niche, a niche determines what affiliate program to focus on.

It will be unproductive if you focus on different niches at the same time. Customers should know what your brand stands for.

Focusing on a specific niche will help you in attracting leads from people that are more likely to purchase your products.

2. Join top affiliated paying program:

There are top affiliates paying programs that can pay you very well for each sale made through your link.

Join the program that is relevant to your audience.

3. Create your marketing strategy:

Link your platforms to your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Most affiliate programs want to know how relevant you can be to them before they approve you.

Furthermore, no seller would accept your request if you are not relevant to them.

They will assess you based on the engagement rate of your followers, so if you have a high engagement and number of followers then you are good to go.

4.  Build your audience:

Build an audience by targeting their search result with the right keywords.

Coupled with using social media platforms, you can also use words of mouth to get more audience

Some ways to start building an audience is using strategies like:

a. Email Marketing.

b. Social Media Marketing

c. Search engines Optimization

d. Advertising I.e. pay per click

e. Search engine Marketing.

5. Promote relevant product:

Promote only products relevant to your audience.  This is can be possible if you will only promote products you are familiar with.

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Equally important, is knowing what your customer needs if you can identify your customer need, you will do well as an affiliate.

Top affiliate programs you can get involved in include:

1. Jumia

2. Payooner affiliate program

3. Yuboss Konga affiliate program

4. Web4africa affiliate program

5. Bet9ja affiliate program.


In conclusion, knowing how to start an affiliate program is essential as it would save you the trouble of doing it the wrong way.

Note: affiliate marketing is a very lucrative venture to go into, and it is also a source of passive income.


If you have got a question to ask or need clarification in any of the things spoken about, please engage us in the comment section.


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