Instagram marketing: creating a brand presence through visual story telling

Instagram marketing strategy

Social media is more than just a place for people to share images and videos; it’s also an efficient instrument in the hands of marketers. When properly optimised, it has the potential to convert audiences into devoted customers. The beauty lies in the various media formats available, from standard photo and video sharing to newer additions like Reels

Instagram campaign design

Given the abundance of marketing platforms available today, the platform of choice frequently revolves around large monthly visitor counts, and Instagram stands out in this aspect. With features like Reels and revamped Stories allowing brief 15-second videos, there’s plenty of room to highlight your brand and distinctive content, drawing additional followers.

Is there any other way to make Instagram a powerful marketing tool than using these new features? Examine the explanations below for more information on instagram marketing strategy:

The relevancy between website and Instagram

The point of using social media is to spread the word about your brand through the available features. However, before actually starting to make a social media account, it would be best for you to first create a platform where the customers can see the brand a lot closer. You may start by using a website builder. In order to make a quality website, you don’t actually need to spend a lot of money. As long as it’s working great, you’re good to go.

Once the website is established, you may connect it to Instagram. The way you do it is by putting the link to your website in the bio. Each time you promote something on your feed, you can always include the link somewhere in the post. That way, if they feel curious, your audience may actually visit your platform through this link.

With the arrival of the largest competitor ever, TikTok, many have questioned Instagram’s relevance in this digital era. However, with 2.45 billion monthly visits, Instagram remains significant, whether as an entertainment or marketing tool.

Given the platform’s popularity, you should take advantage of the opportunity to share and raise brand recognition through more effective marketing techniques. Although the competition appears to be tough there is always the possibility for your brand to shine through if excellent methods are properly implemented.

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Instagram marketing

How to make your brand visible on instagram: instagram marketing strategy

There are some methods you can do to increase your brand awareness on instagram, such as:

1. Creating a business account:

If you’re on Instagram to boost your business, the initial step is setting up a business account. It’s quite different from a personal account, especially when you consider the perks it brings.

You might be able to access helpful services like analytics, metrics, and other business account-only features by changing the status of your account. Although its effectiveness is still up for debate, the platform will also help you gain reputation as you grow your Instagram account.

What counts are the analytics, which are unquestionably necessary to monitor your progress and gain a deeper understanding of your target audience. Changing to a business account is also good for optimizing your Instagram profile to look more appealing to the algorithms.

2. Target market research:

After changing your account to business, you may start doing your research to determine who is your suitable target market. Your products and services must have a specific target market that looks more promising than the others.

Do your research by using search engines and available analytic tools offered by Instagram. Although you got them for free, they are pretty useful.

3. Adapting to new trends:

The essence of a successful business lies in staying relevant. Observe current trends, and don’t hesitate to join in as long as they align positively with your brand. Embracing relevant trends can be a smart move.

4. Creating a valuable content:

The secret to social media marketing is content. You might perhaps gain a significant number of followers the following day once you create a content that many people can relate to. Look at what comes up when you search and see what’s popular if you’re not sure where to start.

Nowadays, a lot of people are fascinated by behind-the-scenes content from businesses. You may accomplish the same goal by creating content that tells the story of your business in a similar way. Talk about the things you think are important, such as the beginning of the business process, regular work activities, and a lot more.

Such user-generated content is always beneficial and successful in increasing the number of followers. In addition to telling the tale of your company, you may also collaborate with influencers to boost your presence even higher. At the start, you may create a partnership with micro-influencers, who may give you similar effectiveness with less costs.


In conclusion, effective Instagram marketing hinges on staying adaptable to current trends while maintaining authenticity. A business account’s power lies in its ability to connect with the audience through compelling content and strategic engagement. By embracing the platform’s features, analyzing metrics, and consistently delivering value, businesses can cultivate a strong presence and foster lasting connections with their audience. Remember, success on Instagram is not just about following trends but about creating a genuine and engaging brand narrative that resonates with your target audience.

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