Naira Depreciation Threatens 2023 Dividends for Companies with Foreign Liabilities – Operators

Naira Depreciation Threatens 2023 Dividends for Companies with Foreign Liabilities - Operators

Naira Depreciation Threatens 2023 Dividends: Expert Insights on Impact and Strategies.


In light of the recent free fall of the Naira and its potential repercussions on the capital market, some key insights from market experts shed light on the challenges and opportunities for quoted companies in 2023. This article explores the impact of Naira depreciation on dividend payouts, with a focus on SEO-friendly content.

Introduction: Capital market operators caution that companies with foreign liabilities or heavy dependence on imported inputs may face dividend downturns in 2023 due to the Naira’s depreciation. In this SEO-optimized article, we delve into the reasons behind the potential decline and strategies for companies to navigate these economic challenges.

Naira’s Recent Performance: The Naira recently hit a record low, reaching N1,348.63 per dollar. Despite interventions by the Central Bank of Nigeria, the Naira’s unprecedented depreciation is affecting businesses, making it more expensive for companies to repay foreign loans.

Market Expert Insights: Market experts predict varying outcomes for companies based on their exposure to foreign assets and liabilities. Wyoming Capital and Partners CEO, Mr. Tajudeen Olayinka, anticipates companies with net foreign assets will experience increased dividends in 2023, while those with foreign liabilities may struggle.

Foreign Exchange Challenges: The recent floatation of the Naira has led to a surge in foreign exchange rates, impacting import-dependent companies. Hicap Securities Limited’s Executive Vice Chairman, Mr. David Adonri, emphasizes the challenges faced by such companies, including rising production costs and potential profit squeezes.

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Sectoral Vulnerabilities: Managing Director of Arthur Steven Asset Management Limited, Mr. Olatunde Amolegbe, highlights sector-specific vulnerabilities, particularly in Consumer Goods and Industrial sectors. He notes the impact on disposable income, product substitution, and challenges in determining product pricing amidst fluctuating FX rates.

Proactive Management Strategies: The article underscores the importance of proactive management strategies amid foreign exchange dynamics. Companies with substantial net foreign assets or those relying on local sourcing and elastic demand may weather the storm more effectively.

Conclusion: As companies unveil their 2023 financial results, shareholders are advised to closely monitor the impact of foreign exchange fluctuations on dividend payouts and overall corporate health. This analysis emphasizes the need for proactive strategies to mitigate cost pressures and adapt to shifting market dynamics in the face of Naira depreciation.

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