PiggyVest: How To Save, Invest & Make Money With Piggy Bank

PiggyVest: How To Save, Invest & Make Money With Piggy Bank.

PiggyVest: How To Save, Invest & Make Money With Piggy Bank

Ever heard of piggyVest? If you have do you know how to save, invest and make money with a piggy bank?. If your answer is No, then this article is just for you, sit tight and keep reading on.

PiggyVest and Piggybank are the same things, piggyvest was formerly called piggybank.

What is piggyvest?

Piggyvest is an online platform that is responsible for aiding people to save money to meet their goals.

Additionally, they offer a 25% return on every investment of up to 8 months.

Furthermore, PiggyVest is known to be the biggest investment and online savings in the country.

With piggyvest you can start saving as little as the money you spend daily and at the end of the day, you get a huge return on your savings.

Do remember that savings are a good step in the right direction for your financial freedom.

You might be asking if it is safe to save your money with piggyvest, we will also be answering that in this article.

But first, we will talk about how PiggyVest works.

How does PiggyVest work?

Piggyvest enables you to save up money to meet up your financial goals.

For instance, your financial goal is to set up a business, own your house or save up to a million naira, piggyvest makes this happen.

Create an account with Piggyvest and start your saving journey, you get a 13% interest on your savings.

You can either save daily, weekly, monthly. There is also an option for you to save money automatically. With piggyvest, you will be surprised at how much you can make within a short period.

Is piggyvest safe?

In 2018, they acquired a microfinance bank and its license. Additionally, they also register the name piggy tech under a cooperative with registration number 16555.

They are also registered as piggy global technology with Rc 1405222. From all these, you can see it is safe to save your money with piggyvest.

All the money you will save on this platform will be managed by Aiico.

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It is a leading assets management company in Nigeria here.

As regards your card’s safety, you need not worry as they are partners with haystack, your details are not stored on the piggyvest website. But Paystack.   Paystack is extra secured with SSL encryption so you can rest assured of the safety of your details.

How To Save Money On PiggyVest.

1. Create an account:

Create an account with piggyvest all you need for this is to have a registered phone number, your name, and password. Then go to www.piggyvest.com then proceed to create your account.

2. Choose your saving options:

With piggyvest, there are diverse options you can consider, there is the piggy bank,  the safe lock, Target savings. Just go for the one that suits your needs and will aid you in meeting your set goals.

3. Start saving:

This is the final step, start saving. Just set how much you will like to be saving on a daily, weekly, or monthly. You can even save it manually.

Investing in piggyVest:

1. Create an account:

just like saving, if you want to invest in piggyvest, you need to create an account with them.

2. Click on Investing:

Secondly, navigate your way to your dashboard, you will see different options there and click on invest in your future.

3. Review and then Invest:

On the different options, you will find in your dashboard, click on the one that best suits your needs then invest.

The minimum amount you can invest is #3000.

Investment features of the piggyvest.

1. Safe lock:

As the name implies, it means locking away funds. It enables users the ability to lock up funds for a particular period. It is exactly like the fixed deposit in a bank account. But with Safe lock, you will earn 13% of the money you lock away.

The minimum amount of money you can have locked away is #1000.

This is helpful when you have money at hand for a specific purpose that you do not want to spend. Just lock it away in the safe lock, when it’s time your money will be released back to you.

Your interest rates will be paid to you upfront.

2. Target savings:

With target savings, you get to save money to meet up a set target. With this feature, you either save money alone or you can do so with friends and families.

Target savings attract a 10% interest rate for saving. The minimum duration for target saving is 30days.

3. Investify:

This feature allows you to invest money for the future. They invest in low-risk investments opportunities for the future.

This investment is vetted by experts and approved by the company, every investment has its protection.

Note: every investment opportunity has its insurance coverage, so for you to invest, read its terms and conditions.

You can start investing with as low as #3000, you get a 25% return on such investments. Depending on the investments, interest is paid monthly,  quarterly, or yearly.

There are different investment opportunities in real estate, Agriculture or fixed-income assets, and more…

Your investments are secured as piggyvest do due diligence before approval.

4. Piggybank:

If you are planning to save money personally to meet your aspirations then a piggybank is for you. You can save as long as you want, the longer you save the bigger your interests.

You can save money automatically or manually by using quick save.

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With the automatic saving, the amount you set for saving will automatically get deducted from your account. But with the quick save feature you have to log in to your account to save manually when you want.

5. Piggy flex:

This is where all your money plus interest, target are paid into. From piggy flex, you can transfer your money to another account or other people. You can withdraw from here to your bank account at any given time.

Make money with a piggy bank

The three main ways to make money from piggybank are:

1. Savings:

You get to earn 13% when you save money for a particular period (annually).

2. Investments:

You get 25% for any investment annually.

3. Referral/ Bonus program:

You get a #1000 for every person you refer that set up their accounts successfully.


If you want to save money and still earn commission on it then going piggyvest is the best way.

In addition, it is safe and secured. If you have other options please do let me know in the comment section.

And if there is anything you are not cleared about, do let me know in the comment section, I will be happy to help. Thank you.

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