Shehu Sani Condemns Fake News on UAE Visa Ban Reversal

Shehu Sani Reveals What Buhari Should Do With Obasanjo's Letter

Shehu Sani Criticizes Spread of False Information on UAE Visa Ban Reversal.


Former Nigerian senator, Shehu Sani, criticizes the dissemination of false information regarding the alleged lifting of the UAE visa ban on Nigeria. Learn more about the controversy surrounding the UAE visa ban reversal.

Former Nigerian lawmaker, Shehu Sani, has strongly criticized the dissemination of false information regarding the purported lifting of the visa ban by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Nigeria.

The UAE had imposed a visa ban on Nigerians two years ago, resulting in the automatic rejection of pending visa applications.

Recently, there was widespread circulation of a report claiming that the UAE had resumed visa services for Nigerian citizens, allowing them to visit the country.

However, the Nigerian government swiftly refuted these claims, marking the third instance of false information being circulated regarding the visa ban.

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Expressing his disapproval, Shehu Sani, who represented Kaduna central senatorial district in the 8th Assembly, remarked, “The individual responsible for spreading false news about the UAE lifting visa restrictions on Nigeria is acting irresponsibly. This marks the third occurrence of such misinformation. It is concerning, and I hope the individual involved is not associated with the travel industry.”

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