Tinubu Slashes Foreign, Local Trips’ Expenditures by 60 Per Cent

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President Bola Tinubu has initiated a substantial reduction of approximately 60% in government spending on both domestic and international official travels.

Under this directive, the President, accompanied by a limited entourage of 20 persons, will undertake foreign trips. Meanwhile, the Vice President and the First Lady will travel with only five persons each for international engagements.

For domestic travels, the President will be accompanied by 25 individuals, the Vice President by 15, and the First Lady by 10, respectively.

Ajuri Ngelale, the Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, outlined these stringent cost-cutting measures. The President’s directive aims to curtail substantial expenses tied to allowances and estacode for security details traveling from Abuja to various states.

Ngelale emphasized the shift towards utilizing state-based security outfits like the police, DSS, or military branches to handle protective details during presidential visits to states. This cost-saving initiative extends to the Vice President and the First Lady’s offices as well.

Regarding international travel, all ministers will be limited to traveling with four members of their staff, while heads of agencies can only take along two staff members on official trips.

Furthermore, the President has stipulated strict limits on the number of individuals allowed to accompany him, the Vice President, and their spouses on international and domestic trips, aligning with reduced figures to ensure fiscal prudence.

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Ngelale highlighted the President’s determination to bring about fiscal responsibility in government spending, emphasizing the difference in numbers allowed for international and domestic trips due to the higher costs associated with international travel.

This directive applies universally to federal ministries, including the President’s office, the Vice President’s office, and the offices of the First and Second Ladies, reflecting the President’s insistence on aligning government spending with prudent management and efficiency.

While not specified as an executive order, Ngelale asserted the gravity and enforceability of the President’s directive, cautioning that disregarding these guidelines would be at the risk of those involved.

The President’s firm stance emphasizes the need for government officials to reflect the same prudence and efficiency expected of Nigerian citizens in managing public resources.

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