Abia Govr. Otti Enacts Law Ending Pensions for Former Governors and Deputies

Gov. Otti Signs Law Repealing Payment of pensions to former Abia Govs, Deputies

Governor Otti Signs Law Repealing Payment of pensions to former Abia Govs, Deputies.


Governor Alex Otti of Abia State has taken decisive action by signing into law the abolition of pension payments for former governors and deputy governors of the state.

This move comes after Governor Otti spearheaded an Executive Bill aimed at discontinuing the longstanding practice of providing pensions to former state executives. Acknowledging the swift approval of the bill by the Assembly, Governor Otti expressed gratitude and emphasized the importance of redirecting these funds towards more pressing needs.

From the outset, Governor Otti has been vocal about his stance on ceasing pension payments to former government officials. He believes that these funds could be better utilized to address the significant backlog of pension payments owed to Abia’s retired workers since 2014.

“In prioritizing the welfare of our retirees and addressing the longstanding pension backlog, it became evident that continuing the practice of paying pensions to former governors and deputy governors was not in the best interest of our state,” Governor Otti remarked.


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He emphasized that leadership should be driven by stewardship rather than personal gain, underscoring the importance of good governance in serving the people effectively.

“Leadership is about stewardship, not personal enrichment. It is essential to uphold integrity and prioritize the needs of the people above all else,” Otti reiterated.

Governor Otti highlighted the detrimental effects of pursuing self-interest in governance, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability in resource allocation.

“The pursuit of self-interest undermines the integrity of government. By redirecting these funds towards clearing pension arrears and addressing the needs of our workers, we are fulfilling our duty to the people of Abia,” he affirmed.

In conclusion, Governor Otti’s decision to repeal pensions for former governors and deputies reflects a commitment to responsible governance and fiscal prudence, prioritizing the welfare of Abia’s citizens above personal gain.

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