Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria (2021)

Best ways to make money online in Nigeria(2021)

Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria(2021). It is never quite enough to know different ways to make money online. Most especially in a country like Nigeria.

Money and power are everything. You need to devise ways in which you can earn extra cash to stay on top of your game.

Making More money will hurt no one. Most especially if you can do it from the comfort of your own home.

No matter your reasons for wanting more money, there are many legitimate opportunities to make money online in Nigeria.

The internet has in no small measure play a vital role in building up businesses and impacting lives. But also made it easier to make more income.

What we will be looking out for in this article are:

  • Legitimate and easy ways to make money in Nigeria
  • Best ways to make money online.
  • Secret of making money online without paying money to start
  • Money-making opportunities online you can take advantage of.

First, who can make money online in Nigeria?

If you are asking this question then I will answer you directly. Anyone can make money online in Nigeria as long as you have a phone or a laptop, an internet connection and you can use your phone.

Additionally, making money is all about the value your audience can get from you.

No one cares about who you are, where you are from, or what you studied, the only they care about is what you can offer.

The most in-demand skills of our time are tech skills and the good news is? You can even learn it on some sites for free.

Ask yourself this question, what can you do?

If you can read, write, able to communicate properly, then you can make money.

If you have skills like content writing, email marketing, graphic design, project writing, social media management, and lots of others. You won’t go broke if only you know how to leverage these aforementioned skills.

Advantages of Working Online In Nigeria:

  • Working online requires you to have no capital, unlike other offline businesses. With your computer and internet connections, you are good to go.
  • You can work at your own time, in your own space, it gives you enough flexibility.
  • It is another source of income for you added to your job.
  • No extra expenses.
  • It can be done remotely, that is you can work from any part of the world.

Best Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria 2021.

1. Best ways to make Money Online in Nigeria by Freelancing:

All you need to become a freelancer is a skill. With freelancing, you can make money in Nigeria legitimately. You can even work remotely for companies and organizations outside the country even if you are in Nigeria.

Irrespective of your skills, it could be digital marketing, Copywriting, Seo, social media manager, any skill at all is marketable.

You can work for others and get your steady pay. Hone your skills and you can end up building a successful career out of it.

With freelancing, you can work with two or even more companies simultaneously.

Finding clients to work for is even easy as there are platforms built that help connect clients to you.

All that is needed from you is to register and apply for jobs on these platforms and the best part? Most of these platforms are free.

Set up a business profile where clients in need of your expertise can reach out to you.

It is very vital to give it your best, so you can get good reviews from your clients, this will make you grow and help you earn more.

Freelancing is a very lucrative job. Some of the freelancing platforms to get register on and get work is, Upwork, fiver, freelance, Guru, and others.

2.  Best ways to make money online in Nigeria by copywriting:

Simply put copywriting helps in inspiring the targeted audience to take some form of actions that you want them to take through the use of strategically placed words.

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In the writing world today, copywriters are the highest paid form of writers that there is.

The end goal of copywriting is to influence someone’s decision into purchasing a product or service.

Copywriting is suitable for those with a love for writing, although it is intimidating but lucrative. With good copywriting, you can get the most unwilling person to pay for a product or service without hesitation.

Copywriting is a skill that can be learned and mastered.

To acquire this skill, go to Google my Africa and you can learn it for free.

3. Best ways to make money online in Nigeria 2021 as a Social media marketer:

Social media marketing

You as a social media marketer will help in marketing people’s businesses and brands on the media.

To be successful in it, you will have to hone or acquire this skill by watching free YouTube videos on it.

Once you understand how it works they you can take up the role of a social media marketer and make money from it.

Your job role is to help businesses in selling their products online and customers finding products.

Everything is all about social media with over 2.5 billion monthly users of Facebook.

It is time to capitalize on that and make money online.

4. Best ways to make money online is to publish a book on kindle:

Publish a book on kindle

This is for the storytellers and those that can communicate their thoughts in writing coherently.

One of the quickest ways people are making money online in Nigeria today is by writing and publishing an ebook.

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Writing and publishing your work on kindle is one of the best ways to earn continuous passive income online.

To succeed in this you must have an in-depth knowledge of a particular topic or skill you would like to talk about.

Chose a marketable topic and a compelling topic, it will make you earn big and massively on the platform.

5. Publish profitable online Article:

Publish profitable online article

With online content sharing platforms like Hubpages, anyone with a phone and internet can write and publish an article.

You earn on this platform by applying for Google ads and the HubPages ads program.


To make money online in Nigeria is no rocket science anymore. With you having top digital skills that are sought after, you can get paid for your services.

Making money in Nigeria seems like a pleasure this day, it will take some hard work and consistency but in the end, it pays.

If you also have some ideas you would like to share with us on how to make money legitimately online do let us know.

If you also have questions or things you ain’t clear about, also let us know in the comment section.

Please do share this article with your friends and loved ones that want to know the best ways to make money online in Nigeria in 2021.


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