EFCC to Enforce Laws Against Dollarization of the Economy, Naira Mutilation

EFCC to Enforce Laws Against Dollarization of the Economy, Naira Mutilation

EFCC Initiates Measures to Combat Currency Mutilation and Dollarization, Protecting Economic Stability.


The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has taken decisive action to clamp down on currency mutilation and the dollarization trend in Nigeria’s economy. Announced via the commission’s official social media channels on February 7, 2024, this move underscores EFCC’s commitment to safeguarding the nation’s economic integrity.

In response to these threats, EFCC has established dedicated task forces across its zonal commands. These task forces are tasked with enforcing existing legislation aimed at curbing currency abuses and preventing the proliferation of dollar transactions within the economy. By doing so, EFCC aims to shield the economy from vulnerabilities, such as exploitation, financial leaks, and destabilization.

Recent arrests have already been made by EFCC in Lagos and Port Harcourt, targeting individuals engaged in practices such as invoicing in dollars and defacing the Naira. This proactive approach sends a clear message that such unlawful activities will not be tolerated.

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Furthermore, EFCC has extended its scrutiny to private universities and other higher education institutions that charge fees in foreign currency. By engaging with these entities, EFCC aims to ensure compliance with regulations and promote the use of the Naira in domestic transactions.

Key Considerations:

  1. FX Market Challenges: The scarcity of foreign exchange has eroded confidence in the Naira, leading many individuals and businesses to prefer dollar transactions.
  2. Impact of FX Policies: The Naira’s value has depreciated significantly since the introduction of FX unification policies, exacerbating economic challenges.
  3. Pressure on Forex Reserves: Factors such as foreign travel and medical tourism have strained Nigeria’s foreign exchange reserves, adding to the currency’s woes.
  4. Path to Recovery: CBN Governor Yemi Cardoso emphasizes the need to restore confidence in the FX market to bolster the Naira’s value against the dollar.

By cracking down on currency abuse and promoting the use of the Naira in economic transactions, EFCC’s initiatives align with broader efforts to stabilize and strengthen Nigeria’s economy.

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