Forex Crisis: $26 billion Passed Through Binance Nigeria in One Year – Cardoso

CBN To Hold Its First MPC Meeting Under Yemi Cardoso On February 26 and 27

Addressing Forex Concerns: Insights on Binance Nigeria’s $26 Billion Transactions, Cardoso Reveals.


Nigeria’s forex landscape has been under scrutiny, with Central Bank Governor, Olayemi Cardoso shedding light on the staggering $26 billion flowing through Binance Nigeria within a year.

In response to queries about cryptocurrency platforms like Binance and the Central Bank’s approach to balancing currency stability and fostering innovation, Cardoso emphasized the imperative of safeguarding Nigerians and investors. He underscored the collaborative efforts with government agencies to address concerns regarding illicit and suspicious financial flows.

Highlighting the urgency of the matter, Cardoso disclosed ongoing investigations involving agencies like the EFCC and the NSA. He affirmed the commitment to assert control over the market, preventing manipulative practices that could distort outcomes for Nigerians.

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Central Bank officials previously identified Binance as a key player in speculative activities against the naira, signaling intentions to curb its impact. Binance, in response, has initiated measures to regulate trading activities, citing the need to curb unusual currency fluctuations and safeguard users from potential abuse.

Despite challenges faced by Nigerian users, Binance maintains its stance as a market-driven platform, distancing itself from currency pricing influences in Nigeria’s forex market.

Key Points:

  1. Olayemi Cardoso sheds light on $26 billion transactions via Binance Nigeria.
  2. Collaborative efforts underway with government agencies to address financial irregularities.
  3. Central Bank’s resolve to prevent manipulative practices in the forex market.
  4. Binance’s proactive measures to regulate trading activities for user protection.
  5. Binance clarifies its market-driven approach, separate from currency pricing in Nigeria.

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