10 Best Apps That Pays You Real Money In Nigeria

10 best apps that pay you real money in Nigeria.

10 Best App that Pay Real Money In Nigeria

Wouldn’t it be nice to have applications that will pay you real money in Nigeria? I am sure I will find that very useful.

Like I have been saying, there is nothing like too much money but sure there is something called money scarcity.

So if there are applications that can pay us real money then it’s worth taking a look at.

We spend most of our time surfing the nets, trying to get more information about things around us.

Most of our activities today are carried out online. A lot of people have been making money online right from the comfort of their just by using their mobile phones.

With the applications, I will be listing here, you can make money legitimately by working smart and staying determined.

Making Money on your phone will be a lot easier and more fun. This is as a result of us spending most of our time using our phones.

This is not a get-money quick scheme, so do not expect to make a lot of cash off these applications.

Before you start earning, you will need to put in a lot of work after downloading these apps.

Without taking much of your time let’s dive right into applications that can fetch you some real cash in Nigeria.

10 best apps that pay you real money in Nigeria.

1. The first on the list is Google Opinion Rewards:

This is one of the most popular ways to make money in Nigeria. With this application, you help carry out surveys on behalf of  Google and you get rewards.

These rewards are in the form of  Google play store cards. You in turn can sell these cards to card vendors and the rate of purchase is high.

This application is majorly used by those outside the country but it’s not limited to them alone.

You as a Nigerian can download this application, answer surveys and make some money for yourself.

2. Second on the list is Swagbucks:

You make money on this application by taking surveys, watching videos, and shopping.

Making use of this application can be tricky but if you can find your way you can have fun with it. And most importantly, also make real money from it.

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One amazing feature is that it is user-friendly and it doesn’t pop out lots of ads.

Additionally, you can choose options on how to make money with swag bucks.

3. Foap:

This is third on the list, you can make some real money on this app most especially if you are a photographer.

These applications have a lot of big brands that need pictures and are willing to pay for such. In this way, you get to sell your pictures and also get your pictures promoted on Getty images.

4. Playment:

This is another app you can make money with, it’s easy, fast, and reliable.

Head to the play store, download playments, and link to your Facebook account.

To start earning you will need to take up tasks, complete them, then you will get rewarded.

5. Inbox dollar:

With inbox dollars, you can make money just like Google’s opinion.

You take part in their market research, then pay you for completing it, they have paid over 40 million users across the world.

6. Scooper:

Scooper is a News application developed by a Nigerian.

They pay you to just read news and other articles on the sites.

If you keep logging into the site daily, you earn shopper coins that can be converted to real money.

If you are consistent you can make as such as #10,000 monthly from scooper.

7.  Carry 1st trivia:

This is another app to make money with, with carrying first trivia you get to answer questions and if it is answered correctly you get paid for it.

8.  Click worker:

Click worker is an application with different means of making money, it provides users with small jobs they can take on.

To cash your funds you will need a functional PayPal account to do so.

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Some jobs you can do on click worker include:


Categorizing data

Writing and proofing text

Online research

App testing e.t.c.

9. Instanaira:

This is another app developed by a Nigerian.

The user earns money by watching Hollywood movies, listening to music, or watching comedy skits.

You can also make money by reading news articles posted on the site daily, the application rewards its users with cash.

10. BuzzBreak:

This is the last but not the least of our 10 best apps that pay you real money in Nigeria.

You make money by reading news content.

They bring news content from sites like Aljazeera, Bbc, CNN, and others.

You earn money by reading news content mainly. And this cash is withdrawn using PayPal.


Technology this day has made it very possible to make money right from your home, so take advantage of these applications can supplement your income.

If there is any other application you have used in the past to make money, please do let us know in the comment section, so we can at least try it out. thank you.



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