How To Create WhatsApp TV And Earn At Least N20k Per Week


Learn how to establish your own WhatsApp TV and start making cool money on daily basis.


WhatsApp statuses are not new to you again and you’ve heard of WhatsApp Television also known as WhatsApp TV. You may interest in it but don’t know to create it or start or don’t even know how to make money from WhatsApp TV.

If you fall among those i mentioned above then this tutorial is really mean for you because I cover everything you need to know about WhatsApp Television here.


Complete tutorial on how to create WhatsApp TV and earn money daily



What is WhatsApp TV (WhatsApp Television)

WhatsApp is made for communication, to share informations and for fun. WhatsApp TV does the same but allow people to earn money for what they are doing either for fun, informative, educative etc.

You can make money sharing comedy videos, memes, informative and educative stories on status.


How to download WhatsApp Television

WhatsApp Television also known as WhatsApp TV doesn’t have any App on its own. You can use normal WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business to launch your TV but I will suggest the WhatsApp Business because it has many features that helps.



How to create WhatsApp TV

To create WhatsApp Television is very easy and simple. You don’t need to stress yourself, just sit back and follow the steps below on how to create a WhatsApp TV link.

  • WhatsApp download will be required through Playstore for Android users and Apple for iPhone users if you don’t have the App before.
  • Log on to
  • Click on “Create Link
  • Enter the WhatsApp number you want to use
  • Then type your personalized message inside a box below “Custom Message”. NOTE: Custom message is a message that will generate automatically after a user click your link to join your TV channel. For example: “Hello Mr Ajanlekoko, I want to join your WhatsApp TV channel and my name is
  • After you set, go down and click “Generate Link” button
  • Your link is available, copy and start sharing the link on all social media platforms to invite more people.
  • If you are using Whatsapp Business then you can create an automatic reply as your welcome message and ask them to save the number
  • You can also save their numbers and continue updating your status for them to see what you are doing.



How to make money with your WhatsApp Television

As a WhatsApp Television owner, you can earn money through advertisements, promotions etc. As long as you continue posting what you are doing for free, you will get paid for every adverts you post on your status.

After you grow your TV channel and start gaining like 3k upward views per post then you are on point. At that stage, individual advertisers and Companies will find and contact you for advertisements.

Even at the period of elections, many politicians and Political parties will locate you for campaigns. And if you have 3k views per post you can’t charge less than N20k (Twenty Thousand Naira Only) per week for each advertisement.



How to get Advertisers for your WhatsApp TV


After you start getting enough views of which you can proud of then you are good to go. Try to make screenshots of some of your posts that have more views (let the total number of views shows in the screenshot).

Start uploading and sharing those screenshots on social media platforms and invite people to come for Advertisement on your status. Many Advertisers and local business owners will contact you for adverts and promotions.

Just make sure you are reachable with both number and email because international Advertisers will contact you. Meanwhile, you can earn money if you have less than 3k views but I only that as an example and that really worth what you can proud of.




WhatsApp TV is a very good option to earn extra income or as a part time to earn extra income. It also a good example for College Students to earn money.

Drop your comment below if you have any question or addition or suggestion… I appreciates all comments and don’t hesitate to share on social media.



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    • You can get them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and you can even get from friend’s WhatsApp statuses

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