How To Register/Activate Access Bank USSD Code In Minutes

How to register and activate Access bank USSD code in minutes


Access bank USSD code – A regular with banking and trend in Nigeria you will have little or no issues at all coming to terms with the fact that banking has evolved.

Despite operating a top notch banking in the league of world financial institutions, the Nigeria’s financial institution has undoubtedly made a landmark achievement in recent time.

Given this, a number of conventional banking processes have been affected in a much larger sense, though replaced with more convenient and reliable channels.
In this guide, I will discuss “Access bank USSD code” as a convenient channel and how you too can benefit from it if you haven’t enrolled yet.

What is Access bank USSD code? 

The acronym USSD represents “Unstructured Service Supplementary Data,” which deals with a set of code integrated with Access bank’s product functionalities to help customers in accessing the bank’s services from the comfort of their home or any location as they deem fit/necessary.

Simply put: The access bank USSD code is a set of code made available by the network providers (MTN, GLO, Airtel, etc) in alliance with the bank via which Access bank customers can carry out transactions without visiting any of the Access bank’s physical branches. Hope that’s clear enough? Good.

The USSD code is denoted by *901#
Benefits/services you can access with the USSD code

  • Airtime top-up for self and third party
  • You can check your account balance
  • Check your “Bank Verification Number”
  • You can check your account number
  • You can access salary advance/pay day loan
  • Fund transfer (you can send money to family, friends, associates, etc.)
  • There are virtually several transactions you can accomplish with this code.

To start using the Access bank USSD code you will have to meet and surpass certain basic requirements, these includes,

  1. You are required to have an Access bank account
  2. A mobile phone number linked to your access bank account
  3. A mobile phone not necessarily internet connected
  4. A valid BVN linked to your bank account


Note: USSD cannot be activated on an association account except personal account.

How to register/activate the Access bank USSD code

Having met the above condition, it becomes necessary to understand that to start using the Access bank’s USSD service, first and foremost you need to get activated.
Don’t worry about this, the process is even easier than you’d ever imagined.
Kindly follow the below steps to get activated

  • From your registered and linked phone number dial *901# (recall you must have opened an Access bank account and your phone number duly linked for SMS alert)
  • Select “option 2” to attempt a transfer
  • Create a 4-digit PIN, confirm your PIN in the next slide (note: you are required to create a PIN because it will serve as an authenticating device to approve your subsequent transactions otherwise transactions would be declined. It’s hereby required that you should choose a PIN you can easily memorize, you are however, advised against disclosing such PIN to a third party).
  • Follow the screen prompt to complete your USSD activation
  • On successful completion you will receive a congratulatory message welcoming you on-board.

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At this point you are done activating the Access bank USSD code.

What next?

The next thing you will need to learn is how to start performing some basic transactions as listed above via the USSD code.


How to transfer money via Access bank USSD code

Basically you can either transfer money to Access bank account holders or to non-account holders.
To transfer money to Access Bank account holders kindly follow the below steps

  • From your linked mobile number dial *901*1*Amount*NUBAN number#
  • For example you want to send N10,000 to an Access bank account holder 0065694790, the process should look like this; *901*1*10000*0065694790# then hit the send button
  • Your Access bank account will be debited and the receiver credited with corresponding value.


To transfer to non-Access bank account holder, the below steps apply

  • From your linked mobile number dial *901*2*Amount*NUBAN number#
  • Assuming you wish to send N10,000 to a Polaris bank account number say 3046789160, the process should look like; *901*2*10000*3046789160# hit the send button
  • Your account will be debited with value while the receiver is credited with same value.

To transfer money via the Access bank USSD platform does not involve a rocket science, the above simply proves that.


How to buy airtime via the Access bank USSD code from your bank account

To buy for yourself

  • From your registered phone number with the bank, dial *901*Amount#
  • Assuming you wish to top-up with N1000, it should be *901*1000# hit the send button and your phone line will be credited while your bank account will be debited with value.

To buy for a third party

  • From your registered phone number, dial *901*Amount*Phone number#
  • Say you want to top-up a third party phone 07034847816 with N1000, it should be *901*1000*07034847816# hit the send button the third party will be credited with value.


How to check your account balance

In the past one major reason that infers customers visiting the branche is account balance, but the idea today is that you can do this from the comfort of your home via your mobile device.

  • From your registered phone number, dial *901*5#
  • You will be required to provide your 4-digit of your BVN, do same and follow the screen prompt to receive your account balance “asap” real time.


  • Dial *901# from your registered phone number
  • Select option “1” for account balance
  • Enter your PIN, your account balance will be sent straight as SMS to your phone number.
  • It comes with a service fee of N10.75
  • How to check your account number
  • From your registered phone number with Access bank, dial *901#
  • Follow the screen prompt your account number will be sent to your phone line via SMS, it however, comes with a little fee.


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Registering for Access bank USSD code will no doubt take crowd banking off your shoulders since the possibility of visiting a branch for minor issues and enquiries is now eliminated, not only that, you will have a seamless and a real time banking experience.

Are there questions and enquiry you’d wish clarified? Let’s get talking at the comment section.


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