How to Start Saving for Your Kids in Nigeria in 2024

How to Start Saving for Your Kids in Nigeria in 2024

Smart Strategies for Starting Your Kids’ Savings in Nigeria in 2024.


In the ever-evolving landscape of 2024, just like in previous years, the commitment to save for your children’s future remains crucial. As you navigate through the challenges of a potentially winding down career and the ever-growing expenses that come with raising kids, initiating a savings plan is paramount.

Many find themselves adrift in financial uncertainty, despite their good intentions. Questions about how to start saving, which platforms to use, the ideal percentage of income to set aside, and who should oversee these accounts often leave individuals feeling overwhelmed.

In today’s economic climate, particularly in Nigeria, where many families struggle to make ends meet, suggesting savings for kids might seem unrealistic. However, this article aims to provide clarity on the steps you can take to secure your children’s financial future.

Why Start Saving for Your Kids Now?

Rising Needs:

While your young children may currently only require basic necessities, their needs evolve rapidly as they approach their teenage years. From expensive clothing to university education, laptops, and other gadgets, being unprepared for these costs can prove overwhelming.

Declining Income:

As your career peaks, your income may gradually decline. Starting a savings plan early ensures you can navigate these financial changes with confidence.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Savings Option


Opt for options from reputable entities, such as tier-one banks with a proven track record. Long-term savings require trust in duly registered and transparent institutions.


Consider how easy it is to access funds in the savings account. Evaluate paperwork requirements and restrictions on fund access before making a choice.

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Interest Rates:

Maximize your savings by choosing options with the best interest rates. For instance, the Access Bank Early Savers account offers 5.4% interest p.a., making it a competitive choice compared to others.

Ease of Service:

Modern and automated options like Cowrywise can facilitate consistent savings through automated deposits, simplifying the process for those who prefer a hands-off approach.

Understanding Kid Savings Account Options in Nigeria

Major tier-one banks in Nigeria offer kid savings accounts with varying incentives. Here are some notable options:

  • First Bank – KidsFirst:
    • No monthly maintenance fees or minimum balance.
    • Automatic deposit feature for easy contributions.
  • Guaranty Trust Bank – Smart Kids Save (SKS):
    • Offers a 4.95% interest rate with a minimum balance requirement of N100,000.
    • Can be opened at any GTCO bank branch or online.
  • Zenith Bank Children’s Account (ZECA):
    • Allows savings in Naira and Dollars.
    • Comes with a debit card for easy fund access.

Setting Up Kid Savings Accounts: A Case Study

Consider Jide, a Civil Engineer earning N400,000 monthly. Allocate a percentage of your income for each child, factoring in future needs like university education. Choose a reliable savings option and automate contributions for disciplined savings.

Addressing Inflation Concerns

Given Nigeria’s high inflation rates, explore alternatives to traditional savings. Consider Zenith Bank Children’s Account with Dollar deposits or explore investment options to counteract the impact of inflation.

To Save or Invest: Weighing Your Options

While savings accounts offer security, investments provide potential for higher returns. Strike a balance by saving a portion and investing in low-risk assets or mutual funds for a more robust financial strategy.


As we step into the new year, take the initiative to secure your kids’ future through disciplined savings or a strategic combination of savings and investments. Ensure a worthwhile future for your children by making informed financial decisions today.

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