Legitimate Online Jobs For Students To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Legitimate Online Jobs For Students To Make Money Online In Nigeria

Legitimate Online Jobs For Students To Make Money Online In Nigeria. Do you know as a student there are jobs you can do online to make some money in Nigeria? Having a source of income will not only be beneficial to just you but to your parents and guidance also. This will lessen the financial strain on them as you will help in footing some of your bills.

I can’t emphasize enough why it’s very important to have something doing that will fetch you money as a student.

Being a student is no longer an excuse for you not to have a source of income as there are legitimate jobs you do to fetch yourself money.

In this article, we will be looking at legitimate jobs online that you as a student can do and make money from.

The good thing about these jobs is that they are jobs you can do remotely. I.e jobs you can do right from your hostel or where ever you find yourself.

As long as you have a mobile phone, a PC, and an internet connection you are good to go.

It’s not always finding remote jobs or seeing employers willing to allow their employees to work from home.

But having to work from home is a dream job for anybody as it offers you the freedom that going to the office won’t afford you.

There has never been a better time to work from home than now with the increasingly digital world.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mom, a freelancer, a student, it doesn’t matter, you can equally make money online.

Legitimate Online Jobs For Students To Make Money Online In Nigeria.

1. Data Entry Job:

Data entry Job is a very lucrative and easy to do the job that can fetch you some cool cash without unnecessary stress. With data entry, you do not need long unnecessary training before you can embark on it.

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It does not need any serious educational qualifications or professional background, so this makes it very accessible to anyone.

It is a very lucrative job to get involved with in this period.

2. Writing job:

This is a fast-growing job as most websites are springing up daily, the need for content writers is on the rise. Once you have good writing skills then you can make money writing for others.

You can even learn by following authors that are good and read their works, the more you read the better you get at writing.

3. Online selling Job:

You can have a shop on websites like Jumia, Konga and sell products, you can sell things like clothes, beverages, tech products e.t.c.

You can earn between #50,000 to #100,000 every month. Once you have decided the exact thing you want to sell, create an inventory of the products and start selling.

If you don’t even have products to sell, you can involve in dropshipping. Dropshipping means you sell other people’s products on their behalf. It Is not a difficult job, it is something anyone can do and make profits from.

4. Web Development Job:

You can become a web developer if you have got the skills. Even if you have no prior knowledge of web design, there are a dozen courses relating to web development online. Some of these courses and certifications are free. To narrow it down find a niche that is not that saturated and become an authority there.

5. SEO jobs:

You can become a search engine optimization experts, your job description is to analyze, review and implement changes to websites. These are done so that the websites are optimized for search engines.

This in turn improves page ranking within search engines and maximizes traffic to a site.

An SEO expert must develop engaging and relevant content with also the ability to prioritize and be a problem solver.

Businesses looking to get referrals and traffic from search engines like Bing and Google are always on the lookout for SEO experts. This is one way to make a very good sum of money if only you are good in this area.

6. Affiliate Marketing:

This is another way to make money as a student in Nigeria. The affiliate market is now the oil well in Nigeria if you have any idea what you are doing.

With Affiliate marketing, you can make as much as 50,000 as a commission even in a week. You don’t necessarily need to have products before you can sell as affiliate marketing have to do with marketing other people’s products. And getting a commission for each sale.

7. Sell Books Online:

With Okadabooks you can write and sell your books online and make cool money from them. The book could be stories, reviews, and manuals.

The stories could be fiction or non-fiction it doesn’t matter.  Another platform that encourages creative writers is Amazon.

8. Owning a Blog or Vlog:

Are you passionate about writing or you enjoy being in front of a camera, then this opportunity is for you?

You can either have your blog or vlog on YouTube. With time and consistency, you can make money from your blog. Remember the more the visitors, the more money you can make, you either make money through  Adsense or selling people’s products.

9. Apps and Website Testing:

Online companies are always in need of people that will test user experience on their applications and websites.

In this way, the company’s developer can always find out and fix glitches within the system if found out by the testers before the application is launched.

This is a very good way to ensure customer satisfaction.

10. Web search evaluator:

Have you ever wondered why google and bing search engines always bring out the result of whatever question you asked?. This is as a result of those working behind the scenes to make sure it’s possible. These people are known as Web Search Evaluators.

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They are always working online. I.e the job is a remote one and you can make money doing this particular job. It takes determination and commitment to take up this job as it is not an easy one. These jobs do not necessarily need a degree to start. For you to have this job, you will need to be an avid user of search engines, understanding a second language is an added advantage.


Legitimate Online Jobs For Students To Make Money Online In Nigeria are a reality. If you take jobs we have written up a nice you can make some money to help yourself out while you are still in school.

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