An Ultimate List of Skills That’ll Make You Real Money

An Ultimate List of Skills That'll Make You Real Money


A list of skills that will make you real money is what you need to acquire in this economic breakdown.

Having money nowadays is no longer a luxury but a necessity since we can’t virtually do anything without money.

For us to live a fulfilled life we need to have money to take care of our necessary needs.

Needs like having good medical care, living in a good house, eating good food, helping out one family member or the other.

Having a degree is not the only way you can earn money.

In this article, we will be discussing skills you can acquire to earn money.

Due to internet connection, acquiring skills even without going to school has become far easy.

There are certain skills that with dedication, anyone can learn from the internet that will in turn fetch good money.

After acquiring these skills, you can even use them to create employment for other people.


List of skills that will make you real money.


1. Content management on social media:

The first is content management on social media. A lot of people use social media as a form of communication most especially the youth.

But having skills in managing content on social media in this age and time can fetch you real money.

To be visible on social media, you need to create content and develop concepts that can engage people and this requires skills.

You can acquire social media content management on sites like udemy, Coursera, Tiktok, Hubspot e.t.c.

An average content social media manager earns $63,294 per year.


2. Web Development:

Web development is simply much more than just designing websites, you can design web pages as a web developer, every piece of software we have ever come across has been developed by a web developer.

If you want to have a crucial role to play in today’s technological society, then having skills in web development is a must.

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You can learn web development on sites like Skillshare, Udemy, Codeburst, Codecademy, Coursera e.t.c.


3. Mobile app developer:

The future is owned by technology, with the increase in people using technology, the skill will never go outdated. When you are an app developer, your potentials are limitless, there is the android and the iOS platform for an app developer, and each of these platforms has its requirements for development.

You can acquire mobile app developer skills on course era, Udemy, code burst, and a host of others.


4. Digital marketer:

With the advent of technology, anybody can have his/her business online.

If you have a social media account like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you can turn them into your marketing platform.

You can use google platforms as well, as they of the biggest in the advertisement.

If you can explore the world of online advertisement, there is simply no door you can’t open.


5. Graphics designer:

If you can create beautiful designs with software, you can as well be a graphic designer.

There is no limit to what a graphic designer can do. Only if you can be creative.

With software like photoshop, core draw, illustrator and so many others, you can hone or even learn graphic design.

6. Video game tester:

Do you enjoy playing video games? You can make it a profession and make money from it.

You can develop these skills by always playing. Get to know the storyline, characters, graphics effects.

With this skill, you can earn good money.

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