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MTN Share And Sell: How To Activate, Change PIN And Transfer Airtime On MTN

MTN Share And Sell: How To Activate, Change PIN And Transfer Airtime On MTN

MTN Share And Sell: How To Activate, Change PIN, And Transfer Airtime On MTN. Mtn share and sell have been of immense help to Mtn Customers most especially those of us that like gifting airtime and data. And of course, receiving the same also.

Mtn Share and Sell

This is a plan where you can share or sell airtime from your Mtn line directly to other Mtn numbers.

With Mtn Share and Sell, you can easily top-up your friends/ families/ customers account stress-free.

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This platform can be used for free by both prepaid and postpaid customers.

To make the whole thing secured, you will need to activate your four-digit pin so that others can’t have access to your share and sell the account. The default pin is always zero, you can either change it using SMS or using USSD code.

Creating your Share and Sell Pin Using USSD Code:

Dail *600* 0000* new pin*new pin#. For example, you want to change your pin to 1456 you do,

*600*0000*1456*1456#. So automatically,  1456 becomes your share and sell pin.

Additionally, if you still want to reset your pin you can do it by dialing *600#.

Creating your Share and Sell Pin Using SMS:

By using SMS, go to your phone messaging application, type 0000, unique pin, unique pin, and then send it to 777.

For instance, type 0000 2345 2345 and then send it to 777.

Where 0000 is the default pin and 2345, is your new share and sell pin.

If you want to change your current pin all you have to do is send the current pin the new pin, the new pin to 777.

Sending Airtime on MTN Share and Sell using SMS.

1. First in your Phone messaging app type, Transfer, followed by the MTN number, then the amount, and finally your pin # then click the send button to 777. To complete the transaction send yes to 777.

For instance, Transfer 08033****12 1000 2345 then send to 777. Then send yes to 777 to complete the transaction.

Sending Airtime on MTN Share and Sell using USSD code.

Dail *600* phone number* amount*pin#. For example, *600*0814247***74*500*2345# this automatically send #500 from your line to 0814247***74.

B. *777*1* Recipient phone number * amount* pin #.

Sending Airtime on MTN Share and Sell using Mtn application.

Open your Mtn application, input your phone number, and also your OTP code. Click on Mtn share and sell, input amount, pin,  Reciever’s mtn phone number then proceed.

Points to Note:

Do note that airtime amounts can be done using naira and not kobo.

Additionally, you can only transfer money when you have enough cash in your mtn phone number account. You can only do a transfer from as low as #50 to a maximum of #100,000 in a day.

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Do know the maximum amount of transfer in a day is #5000. Bonus airtime cannot be shared. Beta talk and yan fu you plan subscribers are not eligible to share airtime.


You can either send it to your friends and families or sell it to your customers, whichever way you want it.

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