Quick Online Loan For College Students In Nigeria

Quick online loan for college students in Nigeria

Quick Online Loan For College Students In Nigeria. Many people most especially students want to know which online loan can be quick.

you can apply for a loan and get credited from the comfort of your home. Due to technological advancement, this can be done quite easily and with no stress.

This article is not to encourage you to get a loan for frivolous reasons, but for genuine problems that need urgent attention.

Living on loans won’t lead you to have a successful life, rather it will pull you down.

If you must go for a loan, the reason should be that you are in a dire need of money and it’s very urgent.

But if it is not dire and urgent, you can try asking family or friends to help you out.


Quick Online Loan For College Students In Nigeria

Since you need loans that will be solving a dire need quickly. I will be talking about applications that offer that with minimal stress.

1. Fairmoney loan application:

Fairmoney loan app gives loans without collateral, they give instant loans and free bank transfers.

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They give loan amounts ranging from#1,500 to #500,000. The repayment period of the loan is 61 days to a year with an interest rate of 2.5% to 30%. And APRs from 30% to 260%.

The fair money app also operates a microfinance bank. They are licensed by CBN.

Requirement of assessing the loan.

All you need to do so provide your BVN during loan registration. And also give them your credit card details for loan repayment.

Note: if you repay the loan before the due date, you will get a reduced interest rate.

Fair money application is secured, fast and reliable. They make getting loans easy and most especially very fast.

So with them, you can get the money quickly to sort your issues, most especially if they are urgent


2. Aella credit loan app:

They are one of the most widely known loans over in Nigeria. Most especially if you are a female. The whole loan process is quick.

The application for the loan is quite easy, it takes about 5minutes in total to apply for the loan. They offer other products and services like investments, micro-insurance plans, peer-to-peer donations e.t.c.

For repayment, you can pay with your bank card, after paying, your account will be updated.


3. Carbon:

Carbon or paylater is another Nigerian loan application platform best for College Students.

Their objective is to empower individuals by giving them access to loans, and simple payment solutions for college students.

They also make it possible for you to buy recharge cards and pay nepa bills on their platform.

Their loan is easy, quick, and stress-free when it comes to repayment.

As a student, all you need to access the loan is to have an android phone, a phone number, and BVN.

You can repay the loan through the carbon wallet, direct transfer, quick teller. E.t.c.


4. Okash loan application:

Okash is another student loan app known for giving put quick loans.

It is the subsidiary of Opay. To access this loan, you need to get the application from the google play store, sign up and fill in your details.

The only requirement is to apply with your credit card.

Okash gives a flexible payment, given you a period of 91 to a year.


5.  Creditville:

After meeting the necessary conditions and requirements for creditville you can get credited as fast as four hours.

Their interest loan is very cheap and no hidden charges are lurking elsewhere.

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Their online loan application is easy and they give loans without collateral.

No collateral for getting the loan, the only thing you need is your basic financial details.

You may choose to repay in full or half without any penalty. You can also apply for a loan top-up without any waiting period.

In, conclusion, you can get a quick and easy loan from all of the applications discussed above.

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