14 Steps To Financial Freedom And How To Maintain It

14 Steps To Financial Freedom And How To Maintain It


Here is an ultimate guide to achieve financial freedom and steps to financial management. 

Many have repeatedly asked, “how to gain financial freedom?” And few have also wondered how to maintain it. But do you know you can actually achieve financial freedom and still maintain it or more importantly expand your freedom? So how do you gain financial freedom and also maintain it? Read on as I take you through the steps to financial freedom and maintenance. 

Financial freedom as Robert Kiyosaki had implied in his book is to get off the rat race and be on the fast track and he said the only way to get out of the “rat race” and be financially free is to prove your proficiency at both accounting and investing.
As promised earlier, there are steps that you can explore and can shot put you out of that always constant broke state you think you are doomed in. Notice the operative word there, “think”.

1. Choose a career you love

Choosing a profession you love and not because of job security, benefits or how much the salary is will help you to be motivated and also propel you towards finding more ways to be creative about being excellent at it. And you know as they say, “chase success and excellence at what you do, money will definitely follow.”
There is no how you are the best at something and seemingly indispensable that you wouldn’t be in hot demand. Let your imagination run wild and money will work for you.

2. Always add value to yourself

Never be contented with being a mediocre. To gain financial freedom, you need to always add value to yourself in form of skills, networking with people, completing challenging projects etc and make your CV look as enticing as possible.

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3. Be positive to gain financial freedom

Have you heard of the term, “you are what you eat.” So likewise, you are what you think. Always be optimistic in whatever you deal in. It is not possible to expect to make it big in life if you don’t think you can and keep saying words that shows you can’t. People shape their lives through their thoughts as their thoughts lead to feelings, feelings lead to actions and actions lead to results.

If you believe you can’t, you most likely wouldn’t. So instead of saying you can’t do something, ask yourself how it can be done. By doing that, your brain works and gets you solutions instead of shutting it down by a pessimistic resolve.

4. Be aware of opportunities

It is an old format to think ‘opportunities come but once‘. Opportunities are everywhere around you, it only takes you to be an observant fellow to be aware of them and act as fast as you can.


5. Never let fear rule you

Life is a risk but so many have allowed the fear of losing cripple them that they don’t make efforts at all and therefore do not win. Do not let that be you.

6. Learn how to save and invest

Always save for the rainy season. Do not spend all your earnings. Have a preferential scale if possible to properly assess your pressing wants and needs. Have a piggy bank or a savings bank account (whichever you find comfortable) and learn to save a particular percentage of your income. It is not how much money you make, it is how much money you keep. Also, research and know when to invest in order to grow your money exponentially.

7. Be flexible to quickly reach financial freedom

Always be open-minded to learn when it comes to investments, risk taking and financial decisions.

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8. Choose your friends wisely

If you aim to be financially free and keep associating yourself with spendthrifts, debtors and financially inept individuals, you are most likely never going to attain your desired status because energy is contagious and they will definitely influence you into thinking and behaving as they do.

9. Pay yourself first

Find ways to relax and never hesitate to spend on yourself occasionally. Avoid the urge to cave under pressure and squander all your savings at an impulse. Don’t spend your savings on frivolous things as they are to create for you more money and not to pay bills, flex with the boys or spa with the ladies.

10. Know how to communicate well

Communication skills is a vital factor in obtaining financial freedom. Knowing who to talk to, how to talk to them and express yourself and market your ideas to them impressively will help you in getting rich and maintaining the wealth as well.

11. Flee from debts as far as you can

Pay all debts and avoid getting into more. To wake up in the middle of the night terrified about paying bills and debts off is a horrible way to live. To live always on the lookout and constantly watching your back for the loan sharks to avoid embarrassment is like getting a ticket to untimely death.


12. Be your greatest cheerleader

Making your way up the financial ladder is not a bed of roses. It is full of ups and downs and there are moments that would surely discourage you but never give up. Keep moving, keep working, keep hoping knowing that one day it will surely pay off no matter what people say about your circumstances. Keep motivating yourself, you are almost there.

13. Be mentored

Keep in contact with and be connected to people in your fields with potential. Follow them on social media and read thorough their profiles to know of their journey so far. You don’t have to make the mistakes they already made, teach yourself through the experiences of others.

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14. Avoid making excuses to reach financial freedom

Take responsibilities for your actions. Be committed with your time, energy and resources and avoid procrastination. A wise man once said;

“the future is everything we can do but have not yet done; the future is everything we can be but have not yet become.”

The future is what we do with the present.



Road to financial freedom is very rough and tough but you will surely make it if you have focus and intentions. Financial management is very important and necessary but comes after you’re financially free with the help of above steps to financial freedom.

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