How To Make Money On Facebook In 2021


How To Make Money On Facebook

How to make money on Facebook should be what you should be aiming for. Not only to using your resources just for chatting.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms where thousands of youths create accounts to reach out.

It is one of the biggest social media networks in the whole world with over a 2.8billion active users monthly.

With Facebook pulling such a crowd it is no wonder that one should take advantage of its platform to make money.

Now the question is why should you monetize Facebook?

You should monetize it because everybody needs money, even the wealthy people are still acquiring more wealth.

We need money to do a lot of things, things like paying off never-ending bills, living a good and comfortable life e.t.c.


How to make money on Facebook

If you are only using Facebook to message your friends and families. Or only to stay on top of people’s stories then you need to change your mentality.

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In this article, we will be teaching you how to make money on Facebook.

1. You can sell on Facebook:

You can sell almost anything on Facebook, things ranging from used cars to organic cream and soaps, clothes, shoes, weapons. Just about any products you can think of.

The only exceptions are firearms, illicit drugs, Tobacco, and Animals.

If your only intention is to sell to your circle of friends, then all you have to do is make a post on Facebook.

To do that go to your what’s on your mind section, and make a post about what you intend to sell. Your friends will see the post and even help you share it with their friends too.


2. Join some buy and sell groups:

Facebook makes it very easy to create and manage groups. When you have an audience in this group you can then proceed to sell your products.

Some groups even allow members to advertise their products and services. Take advantage of such groups and sell your wares, you can even buy some things you need from other sellers too.


3. Sell in the Facebook Marketplace:

Another place you can sell your products in the marketplace. The marketplace is where you can sell, buy or trade in your local area.

Everyone has access to the marketplace it has free all features. So you can easily sell off your products there and make money.


4. Creating Facebook ads:

You can create Facebook ads for business or help someone create ads for their own.

Ads help you grow your business grow, to run this feature, you need to have a Facebook page or a blog.

Note: Facebook ads are not free. With Facebook ads, you can get to target a specific audience based on their age, gender, and interests.


5. Apply for a job:

Many groups advertise jobs on Facebook, you can join such groups and follow up on the application process.

Even Facebook itself have their very own job board that can help you find a job.

Companies advertise jobs in the job tabs, there you can find full or short time employments for industries.


6. Become a social media Manager:

You can manage cooperate social media account if you are savvy.

This is an opportunity to work from home and earn extra money.

Your job responsibilities will include:

  • Building audience size
  • Monitoring ad campaign metrics.
  • Create graphics for social media
  • Scheduling social media posts
  • Responding to comments.


7. Creation of Groups and Pages

You can create Facebook groups and pages as many as possible then work on then to grow and have more group members and page followers.

With large audiences of Facebook group page or group, you can make money by selling it or use it for affiliate marketing. Advertisers will even approach you to advertise on your page or group.



Finally, you can make money on Facebook if you know what to do, do things like selling products and services or online websites.

By interacting with other Facebook members, joining groups, running Facebook ads, you can end up making money.

If you ever made money on Facebook please do let us know your experience. If not go through this article and learn how to make money on Facebook.

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