How to make money on shopify


To explain How to make Money on Shopify

How to make money on Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce site that is increasing daily in popularity. This is a result of the number of people that have moved to shop online rather than offline.

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There are different ways you can make money on Spotify. Be it bringing your offline shop online or through another venture.

What do you understand by Shopify?

Shopify is not only an e-commerce store that makes online transactions possible.

The company also makes it possible to manage all of your digital transactions in person. You can also accept orders online and then fulfill those orders.

Shopify has a tiered pricing structure that provides services to match different business needs.

Consequently, it aids customers to pay for only services they used.

Shopify plans

1. Shopify lite:

Shopify lite cost $7 a month. It makes it possible to set up an e-commerce presence with little or no stress at all.

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Additionally, you will get a card reader to use for in-person cards and these cards come with a $2.7% fee.

It also lets you add a buy button to your website, either WordPress, Tumblr e.t.c.

Through your online store, Shopify supports messenger chats and interaction with your page. This makes it easy for customers to buy your products through chat directly and also access their orders in real-time.

2. Basic Shopify:

For merchant needs greater than what the Shopify lite can handle, basic Shopify can handle it.

Basic Shopify allows merchants to create an e-commerce store with unlimited products.

This makes it possible to bundle goods and services in diverse combinations.  Basic Shopify attracts a fee of $30 monthly.

Likewise, basic Shopify offers Pos solutions and card readers. The cost of transacting online attracts a fee of 2.9%+$0.30 and 2.7% for in-person purchases.

3. Standard Shopify:

The standard Shopify builds on the basic, it includes 5 staff account, support gift cards, and reports to track transactions. It cost $75 a month.

4. Advanced Shopify:

Advanced Shopify is solely designed for high business with large volumes that have robust features that keep customers coming.

How to make money on Shopify.

There are tons of ways to make money on Shopify ranging from selling products, becoming an affiliate e.t.c.

We will go right into learning how to make money on Shopify

1. Open an e-commerce store:

Users of Shopify can set up stores fast and easily. After setting up your store, you can just about sell anything there, be it handmade or otherwise.

2. Become an affiliate:

You can earn money from every successful referral that purchases through your link.

The more sellers you bring the more you earn also. All you have to do is refer people from your account to the Shopify platform.

3. Drop shopping to make money on Shopify:

With dropshipping, you don’t get to keep the product you sell. All you have to do is advertise other people’s goods. When an order is placed you forward it to the seller and the seller sends it to the buyer, on the other hand, you make it on commission.

4. Work as a freelancer:

You can pick up writing, designing, making arts, anything at all that you are good at.

Then create a Shopify store and list your services as products and make money from them.

5. How to make money on Shopify by selling thrifts:

If you are good at getting good items for a great deal less, then you can sell them on Shopify.

Finally, there Is something for everyone on, try and find out what suits you and use to your advantage.



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