Namecheap Hosting Review: Pros And Cons

Namecheap Hosting Review


Namecheap Hosting Review  (Best Of The Best)


Namecheap Hosting Company is best known and popular as domain registrar. Many people used to look at their cheap domain name registration but not checking their cheapest ever hosting plans.

I bet if they do so, everybody would just stick to Namecheap with everything including domain name, hosting package, SSL Certificate and others. Imagine hosting one-three professional and standard website or blog with just $1.58 per month.

The good news is that Namecheap offer 30-day money-back for all their plans. If you buy any of Namecheap products and the surface does not meet your expectation then you can request for money refund within 30 days.


Before we go far, quickly get a domain for just $0.99 today


Disclaimer: Be aware that some links on this page are affiliate links. It does cost you anything but I will earn a commission if you buy a product from those links which helps make this guide and others free of charge to you. I only recommend products and services I’ve tested and still using myself.


However, you can host many domains with just one host, the least and starter hosting plan host up to three domains. Namecheap offer free domain with some hosting plans but there is available for special TLDs not for all.

24/7 support via live chat is one of the main reasons I love Namecheap. Their expert will respond to your query anytime, anywhere and any moment.

Let’s look at some of Namecheap Hosting plans:


Namecheap Shared Hosting Review

Namecheap Shared Hosting is a starter hosting plan to start a website or blog with. This plan is really meant for those who is planning to start a website or blog with low budget.

Shared Hosting which simply mean you are sharing a server with other websites has three packages;

01. Stellar

02. Stellar Plus

03. Stellar Business

Namecheap Shared Hosting servers feature the latest software versions available. Namecheap among the rest offer the best shared hosting plans with cheapest price.

With just $1.58, you get hosting package including;

  • 20GB SSD
  • 3 websites
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free website builder
  • Free automatic SSL certificate installation
  • Domain name and privacy protection
  • 30-day money-back guarantee etc

However, Stellar hosting plan is actually $33.88 per year but you can get it with just $18 per year with this link and use this Namecheap promo code (HOST20TS5). That’s 45% discount if you buy with our link.

Alternatively, monthly subscription is also available at $1.58.

Get started with Shared Hosting here.



Email Hosting Review

Email hosting can be used to promote your promote your personal brand with every email you send. Professional Business Email by Namecheap is secured, ad-free and very fast. This system is designed for all your personal and business needs.


This hosting plan gives you:

  1. Unifies inbox to manage all your email accounts
  2. Compatibility with Windows/Android/Apple devices
  3. Easy team collaboration and office suite
  4. Extra security via Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  5. HTML signature
  6. Anti-spam protection
  7. Custom domain-based email
  8. POP3/IMAP/Webmail access

You can start your Namecheap Email Hosting here with 2 months trial and later with just $8 per year.



Reseller Hosting Review

Reseller Hosting plan is really meant for Website Developer/Designer and others. It allow you to become your own boss by reselling hosting plans to your clients. You can however manage many clients account in one Cpanel dashboard. Create your own private Nameservers and unmetered bandwidth to withstand heavy traffic.


Namecheap Reseller Hosting


You have total control on WHM (Website Hosting Manager) and enough account management tools.

Get started with Namecheap Reseller Hosting here with just $18 per month.



Namecheap WordPress Hosting (EasyWP) Review

Namecheap WordPress package allow you to set up your website in less than 2 minutes with EasyWP.

Namecheap WordPress EasyWP


This WordPress Hosting includes:

  1. 1x WordPress website
  2. Installed in 90 seconds
  3. Hosted on Namecheap cloud
  4. Seamless scalability as visitors grow
  5. 99.9% uptime
  6. 3x faster than traditional hosting
  7. Support for any Domain name provider
  8. Easy-to-use dashboard to manage WordPress websites
  9. Safe and secure
  10. Easy backups and restores
  11. SFTP and database access.

Get started with Namecheap WordPress Hosting here


VPS Hosting Review

Virtual server (VPS) gives you full control and flexibility on your server. Namecheap VPS has two hosting plans which are “Pulsar” and “Quasar”. If your site is dealing with with Music or Video downloading then I will recommend a “Quasar” plan for you.

VPS Hosting


Benefits of using VPS Hosting

  1. Total flexibility
  2. Complete control
  3. Super secure
  4. Full root access and operating system (OS) selection
  5. Your choice of server management
  6. Top security standard
  7. Free to transfer existing websites and VPS to Namecheap, unlike other hosting companies.

Get started with VPS Hosting here


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Dedicated Namecheap Hosting Review

The Namecheap dedicated hosting is the top-tier performance to take your business to the next level and it’s the best choice for big company. You are investing in a physical server that is 100% yours by choosing Namecheap Dedicated server.

Namecheap Dedicated Hosting


Get started with Namecheap Dedicated Hosting here


However, Namecheap offer some deals for you which consists of two or more products together with a very wow and almost 80% discounts… See some Namecheap Best Deals here.



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