Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria

In this article, we will be talking about top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria so that you can choose your career path and work towards it.


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without wasting our time, let’s get down to the top 10 Highest paying jobs in nigeria

1. Surgeon

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria
How much do surgeon earn?

the salary range is 400,000 – 2,500,000

Role of a surgeon:

A surgeon is a health professional who uses medical procedures to enhance or restore bodily tissues in order to treat illnesses, wounds, ailments, or defects. The surgeon not only directs the surgical team of physicians, nurses, anesthesiologists, surgical assistants, and others but also diagnoses the patient, plans the procedure, performs it, and then treats the patient with any necessary postoperative care. The best paying surgical profession in Nigeria is plastic/cosmetic surgery due to the recent rise in demand for cosmetic procedures in the nation and the relative dearth of plastic surgeons.

How to Become a Surgeon?

If you are interested in being a surgeon in Nigeria, you would have to study Medicine and surgery in any institution approved by the National Universities Commission. The average length of study is six years in the university, with a year each for horsemanship and National Youth Service. Medicine and Surgery is a very competitive field of study in Nigeria, so you have to perform well in your senior secondary school certificate examination and other relevant examinations.

2. Petroleum Engineer

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria

How Much Do Petroleum Engineers Earn?

Petroleum engineers earn between N200,000 to N1,000,000 per months
Role of a Petroleum Engineer?
Nigeria is an oil-producing nation, so it should come as no surprise that petroleum engineers are among the highest-paid workers there. A petroleum engineer creates and builds processes for removing oil and gas from reserves beneath the Earth’s surface.

A petroleum engineer’s job is to estimate the amount of oil and gas in a reservoir, the best extraction technique, and how long the extraction would last.

How to Become a Petroleum Engineer?

As previously mentioned, Nigeria’s participation in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries significantly contributes to the high pay for petroleum engineers. This is another reason why it is so difficult to break into the field. You would need to complete a five-year study at any recognized institution nationwide and obtain the necessary certification to become a petroleum engineer.

3. Aircraft Pilots

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria

How Much Do Pilots Earn?

First Officers often earn between N200,000 to N500,000 per month in compensation, while captains typically earn between N500,000 to N3,000,000.

Roles of Aircraft pilots?

A pilot/aviator is the person who controls the flight of an aircraft. Pilots fly and navigate aeroplanes, cargo planes, helicopters and other types of aircraft. They are responsible for the safety of passengers and goods being transported as well as managing the crew team.

How to Become a Pilot?

If you wish to be a pilot in Nigeria, it would cost you a pretty penny. Aviation schools typically charge between N7million to N10 million for flying courses. In all, it would take about four years to complete your training in any of the Federal Aviation Authority approved aviation schools.

4. Software Developer

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria

How Much Do Software Developers Earn?

software developers in Nigeria earn an average salary of 150,000 to 450,000

Role of software developer?

The term “software development” refers to a group of tasks that include developing, designing, delivering, and maintaining software.

Computer programs are the work of software developers. They identify a need, and then by analyzing, creating, testing, and developing software that addresses this need, they give a solution. Additionally, they create application systems and guarantee their efficiency.

How to Start a Software Development Career

A computer science degree is suggested but not required to work as a software developer. You can begin working as a software developer with just some basic programming expertise and an eagerness to learn more.

5. . Investment Banker

Top 10 Highest Paying Job In Nigeria

How Much Do Investment Bankers Earn?

The financial industry is well renowned for offering competitive compensation; private banking and investment banking go much further. An investment banker typically earns between N300,000 and N500,000 per month.

What Does an Investment Banker Do?

Investment bankers serve as intermediaries for organizations, businesses, and governments. By issuing stocks and obtaining loans, they assist them in raising money.

They are essentially responsible for attracting capital investments. You can work as an investment banker in hedge funds, private, commercial, and investment banks, asset management firms, consulting firms, and other places.

How to become an investment banker?

The interesting thing about investment banking is that there is no specific degree requirement for it. In other words, regardless of the course of your study, you can still pursue a career as an investment banker.


6. Accountant


How Much Do Accountants Earn?

Accountants in Nigeria earn between N140,000 – N1,500,000 each month.

Role of an accountant?

Financial records are created and reviewed by an accountant. It is your responsibility as an accountant to check the accuracy of an organization’s books and records. To ensure a smooth operation of the firm, they also ensure that taxes are submitted correctly and the company is compliant with relevant financial requirements.

How to Become an Accountant?

Any approved university would be the place to study accounting if you wanted to become one. In Nigeria, universities typically provide a four-year accounting program, following which it is strongly advised that you obtain professional certification. You would not be able to practice accounting professionally, or at the very least, you would not be able to do so without being certified by one of the recognized bodies (ICAN, ANAN, CIMA, and ACCS).

7. Pharmacist


How Much Do Pharmacists Earn?

A fresh graduate of pharmacy commands a salary range of N120,000 to N180,000 per month.

Role of a pharmacist

A pharmacist is a part of the medical community who focuses on the effective and safe use of medications. In addition to administering medications, pharmacists are responsible for monitoring the supply of medications, providing patients with medical advice, assuring that medications are prescribed with the proper dosage, and working with other healthcare experts to save lives.

How to Become a Pharmacist?

You would go through a five-year education in a recognized university to obtain a Bachelor of Pharmacy if you wanted to work in the pharmaceutical industry in Nigeria (B. Pharm). Following that, you would complete a year of an internship before joining the Nigerian Pharmacist Council.

8. I.t Analyst

How much do It analyst earn?

An IT analyst working in Nigeria earns between N176,000 – N492,000.

What is the Role of an IT Analyst?

Systems analysts are another name for IT analysts. It is their responsibility to develop and put into place methods that boost efficiency in order to give technical support to IT users. By supervising programmers, software developers, and other relevant technology workers, the IT analyst guarantees that software projects are completed on time and within the allocated budget.

How to become an IT Analyst

You require expertise in analytics, mathematics, statistics, computer science, and business intelligence to work as a data analyst in Nigeria.


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9. Digital Marketer

digital marketer


How Much Do Digital Marketers Earn?

Digital marketing is a well-paying field in Nigeria. Digital marketers earn between N148,000 to N350,000

What is the Role of a Digital Marketer?

Digitalized industries have established themselves as cornerstones on the labor market as the internet has become an essential component of daily life. A digital marketer plans, executes, and oversees marketing initiatives that advertise a business, its goods, and/or services. There main responsibility is to ensure that a company’s offline and online presence activities are consistent. A digital marketer’s main duties include managing social media, search engine optimization, and collaboration with the IT team.

How to Start a Digital Marketing Career

While having a marketing background may be advantageous, when recruiting digital marketers, recruiters frequently prioritize experience over qualification. To improve your abilities, you can quickly enroll in a digital course online.

10. Medical doctors

Medical doctor

How much do medical doctor earn?
Monthly range: N180,000–N1,500,000 (depending on your specialization)

What is a Medical Doctor’s Job?

Maybe the most common way to describe a doctor is as someone who saves lives. This is not entirely false, but it just gives part of the story. A doctor is a medical professional who uses medical principles and practices to prevent, diagnose, treat, and care for patients who are ill, injured, or suffering from disease, as well as to maintain their bodily and mental well-being.

How to become a medical doctor

If you want to practice medicine in Nigeria, you must complete six years of medical school at one of the country’s approved universities, a year of house clerkship, and induction.


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